An unusual resident of Taiping

We are looking for wild cats, from which we could non-invasively take genetic material, in order to store it. We search through contact lists and articles about protection and rescue plans for various species from the Felidae family.

We have already managed to locate the flat-headed cat in Taiping, that activists from the Save Wild Cats Foundation will be happy to visit. We hope that this little one will be the first cat which species will be saved from extinction thanks to the activities of our Foundation.

We collect money for a trip to Malaysia, to have a chance to agree cooperation with local nature lovers.
In the Malaysian tropical forest there are no seasons, and the temperature is around 28 Celsius degrees throughout the year. Humidity at the level of 80 percent and high temperature makes the fauna and flora absorb all available space. This environment surrounds this tiny flat-headed cat. Read more information about it in our book of wild cats species, and you will be surprised how different it is from a domestic kitty.

We believe that it is worth protecting such an extraordinary creation of Mother Earth, will you help?

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Author: Małgorzata Banaszkiewicz

sand cat
Felis margarita
Leopardus wiedii
Panthera pardus


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