Knowledge in the service of rescuing endangered cats

Would someone spend his money on the enigmatical name of the species? We believe that knowledge about the beauty and uniqueness of cats and the awareness of the threats to their health is the key to maintaining the stability of the Earth’s ecosystem. Without predators, it will be significantly shaken.

The Save Wild Cats Foundation team turns the Internet upside down to find as many curiosities as possible about wild cats. Some of these creatures are so little known that even their neighbours never heard about their existence.

Each new curiosity is our motivation for further work. It brings us closer to one of the goals of the Foundation: putting unknown species on the spotlights and saving them from oblivion.

Do you know any interesting facts? Talk to us, we will be happy to listen. If you want to share some little-known facts with others, point it out in the message and help us save wild cats. We believe that the more people knows about the amazing feline skills of wild cousins of domestic kitties, the more of them will want to help them.

Take a look at the pictures of a colourful jaguarundi, a majestic clouded leopard or beautifully coloured Asiatic golden cat and decide for yourself, whether it is worth protecting these amazing creatures.

Author: Małgorzata Banaszkiewicz

sand cat
Felis margarita
Leopardus wiedii
Panthera pardus


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