Our mission

Saving wild cats from extinction

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Golden tabby-Panthera tigris

Save Wild Cats Foundation

our mission

The main reason for setting up our foundation is a will to save helpless, dying cat species which would do just fine without human interference. We are fascinated by all wild cats, from enormous Siberian tigers to tiny rusty-spotted cats.

Save Wild Cats Foundation is far from discriminating any cat, regardless of its size or beauty. What matters the most for us is to increase populations of wild cats. We want to achieve this by spreading knowledge about endangered animals, the number of which is gradually decreasing.

However, our main task is to research and improve methods of obtaining germ cells and collecting genetic material. To this end, we have established cooperation, among others with the University of Environmental and Life Sciences in Wrocław. We believe that thanks to our commitment and support of a scientific institution we will be able to achieve our goals. In the longer term, we want to use assisted reproduction methods to breed endangered species and increase the number of wild cats.

We don’t want the lion to roar only through the speakers, the jaguarundi to show its colours only on the photos, and the amazing abilities of servals to remain only as part of books for children.  We fight effects of human vanity, thoughtlessness and greed, to protect those who cannot speak a human voice in self-defence.

Save Wild Cats Foundation

Our actions

We acquire and share knowledge about endangered species, which are often little known in terms of lifestyle and habits.

We work with a research unit dealing with animal reproduction from Wrocław. We want the fruit of this collaboration to be a laboratory at the Save Wild Cats Foundation and a supply of wild cats’ genetic material. Cells will be obtained from all endangered felid species occurring around the world. Since this is still a developing field of science, research in this area is still ongoing – especially when obtaining material from females. We intend to participate in this and significantly contribute to progress in this area. Our main goal is to conduct the most effective reproduction in the future, including advanced supporting techniques, like in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination. We also want to study the fertilization process and pregnancy maintenance for felids to increase the population of endangered species.

We promote the use of modern technologies in the name of protecting Mother Earth, showing admirable initiatives of fauna and flora defenders from around the globe. We want to effectively inspire people to take care of nature and show the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

We are aware of the difficulties in accessing information on rare species of cats and their photos. Every day, we acquire new data and create a collection of curiosities for everyone interested. We will not let the beauty and diversity of wild cats go into oblivion.
While traveling around the world to expand knowledge and acquire research material, representatives of the Save Wild Cats Foundation will also gradually expand our collection of high-resolution photographs. We will use the photos to attract as many people as possible to help for these beautiful, but little known species. We also appreciate the work of other organizations working for the protection of animals and nature, which is why we help in signing global petitions relevant to the environment and wild cats, using all the methods available to us.

We are looking for organizations and private breeders who take care of at least one of the two priorities of the foundation: marbled cat or flat-headed cat. Please contact us if you have any information about where to find representatives of these species, so that we can accquire genetic material from them. In this way, you will help us locate cats that will become heroes of their genre.

0% of cat species have a downward trend
0% of lions have been extinct since the origin of the species
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sand cat
Felis margarita
Leopardus wiedii
Panthera pardus

How you can help

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If you want to help us save endangered species of cats, you can make a donation. Set the amount you pay in the name of protecting these beautiful animals. As a thank you for a donation of minimum PLN 10 you will receive from us a code entitling you to download one of the many wallpapers for your computer and phone.

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