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Alianza Gato Andino - to save the andean cat

Fight for survival

At Save Wild Cats Foundation we believe that educating people about endangered species is one of key elements that will allow their survival. Environmental destruction, poaching and killing animals are the main reasons affecting the abundance of many endangered feline species populations. Even the best conservation initiatives will not succeed if we don't  minimize harmful human activity.

Additionally it is necessary to gain scientific knowledge that will allow to take action into extending the existence of these species. These include broadly understood work on reproduction, that requires profound knowledge about the environment and behavior of the animals.

Mutual mission

This is why Save Wild Cats Foundation collaborates with Alianza Gato Andino - an international, interdisciplinary hub of scientists, who work together for protection of Andean Cat and its habitat. AGA focuses on three lines of action - scientific research, conservation and education.

Especially in the case of the Andean Cat it is extremely important to acquire knowledge about the species. It is one of five most endangered felines in the world, and the most endangered species in both Americas. Its habitats are located in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. It prefers dry, rocky environment in the Andes.

Save Wild Cats Foundation uses knowledge acquired by the scientific community of Alianza Gato Andino to spread awareness about Andean Cat. We are actively trying to give Polish people access to information about the species. Unfortunately, people who live far from natural habitats of wild feline species often don't even know they exist, not to mention the threats standing in the way of their survival. 

Action in face of the crisis

Alianza Gato Andino conducts few programs that tackle the action lines mentioned above. The only way of saving the population of the Andean Cat is taking action in many directions. Unfortunately it requires enormous commitment from the scientists, local societies and governments. 

Educational workshops are increasing the knowledge of the local population about the importance of the Andean Cat for preservation of the Andean ecosystems. They also show alternatives for previous practices that were harmful for the species, such as utilization of the land for agricultural purposes. Cooperation between AGA and the shepherds allows to minimize the retaliatory hunting provoked by attacks of wild animals on breeding herds. Photo Traps and searching for scat delivers many important information about the species. 

Hope for the future

At Save Wild Cats Foundation we believe that action for preserving wild cats should be based on international cooperation. That is the only way to actually increase the population of endangered species and assure their wellbeing. 

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