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We invite you to discover the unique piece of art created by Tomasz Alan Kopera named Anthropocene. It combines artistic beauty with concern for our planet. Created in collaboration with Save Wild Cats Foundation, the painting is not only an aesthetic masterpiece but also an important message about environmental protection.

In a world, where combinations of art and environmental protection are becoming more popular, we are pleasured to introduce you to „Anthropocene” – masterpiece created by Tomasz Alan Kopera in collaboration with Save Wild Cats Foundation. It's not only a painting, but a reflection on coexisting with nature.

"Anthropocene" is a unique mix of realism, artistic sensitivity of Tomasz Alan Kopera and a call to protect the wildlife. The centerpiece of the painting is an image of the flat-headed cat, symbolizing the beauty and scarcity of wild species and their endangerment in today's world.

This piece not only is pleasant to the eye, but also encourages reflections on our impact on the ecosystem. In this painting, we can find a message about a need for harmony between humans and nature, about a significance of environmental protection for future generations. The Artist point out the delicate balance of our planet, reminding us that every decision and every action has its consequences. It's a call of responsibility and ecological awareness.

Anthropocene is not only a piece of art. – it's a message that we hope can inspire you to reflect and act for the better future of our planet.

You can find more work of this artist here: https://www.arteclat.com/gallery/kopera/

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