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Współpraca z Universitas Brawijaya

A new beginning

On August eighteenth, 2022, a cooperation agreement was signed between Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland and Universitas Brawijaya in Malang, Indonesia. The agreement concerns scientific exchange in the broadest sense - it will allow the sharing of knowledge and experience of scientists working at both universities.

The flight of UMK representatives to Indonesia to sign the agreement and the research project on wild cat reproduction are funded by our foundation.

Cooperation for the sake of cats

The first joint project between the universities will be led by UMK's Institute of Veterinary Medicine and UB's Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Among the project's goals is to assess the overall condition of cats housed at a foundation-funded behavioral center in Batu, Indonesia. It is planned to collect, examine and cryopreserve semen, cytologies of females and hormonal tests to indicate diurnal and estrous cycles.

As early as late October/early November, scientists from UMK and those working with the foundation will travel to Indonesia to begin the study. During their two-week stay, they will study more than 20 individuals of species such as the Flat-headed cat and Sunda Leopard.

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